Build a more convenient life with an Interactive Home

Upgrade your home, with more convenience. Let it work for you.

All the smart features
A home will ever need

Built for the real work icon

Built for the real world

Products built with the user in mind, every step of the way
in-built automation icon

In-built automation

Automate every aspect of your home all within one application.
google assistant, amazon alexa, voice control

Voice assistant Support

With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, your devices can be controlled however fits your home
global control icon

World wide control

No matter where you are in the world, your home is one click away. Monitor your home from anywhere.
Cross-platform Mobile Interactive Home App

Cross-platform Support

Available for both Android and IOS with free lifetime updates
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Smart config for device set up

Connect and set up wirelsly in under 3 minutes. seriously, that's it.

Everything you need

All in One App

With so many smart device types, it has become the ‚Äúnorm‚ÄĚ to have multiple apps just to control a few devices.
This is now a thing of the past with Interactive Home

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Multi-Device Support

We provide an all in one solution for all your smart home devices. every category of devices connecting seamlessly together in their own smart ecosystem.

Interactive Home Automation Set up

Built-In Reliable Automation

Every aspect of your home, automated. Create a connected, seamless smart home experience without the need for multiple apps, multiple third party dependencies, and every possible automation combination at your fingertips.

Wifi, Zigbee, bluetooth connection protocols

Multiple Device Connection Types

Different protocols for different devices creates a multi-connection platform where each protocol has advantages that we are able to utilise to its best ability.

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri Inigration

Voice Assistant Integration

Google assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri (Shortcuts) integration allows for your devices to expand in to the world of voice connectivity, bringing with it incredible control and features that all these companies do best.

A product for
every ocasion

With a system that is expandable, our products line will be continuously growing. There is always a product for everyone and every situation.

Indoor Cameras

Peace of mind inside. No matter where you are.

Outdoor Cameras

View your home from every angle, looking over the ones you love.

Plugs & Switches

The key ingredient to a convenient smart home. Doors, gates, lights, and more. Your choice on what to control

Smart plugs and switches

Smart Lighting

Light up your home with over 16 million colours, in your own personal way

Living Room