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Just, One App

With so many smart device types, it has become the ‚Äúnorm‚ÄĚ to have multiple apps just to control a few devices.
This is now a thing of the past.


Multiple Device types

One app that handles, cameras, sensors, switches, plugs and more. No more opening and closing multiple apps, just to control a few devices. Everything in one central location

Interactive Home, Google, Android, Apple, IOS

Automation Bulti-In

Automate every part of your home all from inside the Interactive Home app. Allowing time and triggers within our ecosystem to determine specific actions. Of your chosen devices. This allows your home to think for itself without you having to lift a finger

Interactive Home Global Control

Control Anywhere, Anytime

View and control your home and all of its devices form anywhere in the world. View your cameras and talk to your family right from your mobile device. No matter how far away, you will always feel right at home.

Interactive Home App Multi-Vire

Multi-View your cameras

View up to 4 cameras at once, knowing what is always going on in, and around your home.
You can record, capture and talk/listen to each camera individually.
Double clicking the camera will enter fullscreen for that selected camera.

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Download interactive Home on IOS


Download Interactive Home app on android