Bullet PROmotion

ONVIF Compatible Smart Outdoor Camera

Our most versatile outdoor camera to date. Both WiFi and ethernet connection methods and with a 3-axis mount allows for multiple viewing angles, no matter what surface you mount on.

weather resistance icon

IP66 rated

Weather Resistance
Two-way talk icon

Two-Way Talk

Listen and Talk
NVR ONVIF Support Icon

NVR compatible


WiFi + Ethernet

night vision icon

15m Night Vison

Clean view at night
Motion detection icon

Motion Detection

With Activity Zones
1080P FULLHD icon

1080P HD Video

Clear Video Stream

Complete Connected Home*

Works With Hey Google, Google assistantWorks With Amazon Alexa

Take control of your footage and much more!

With both Ethernet and WiFi connection options while allow locally recording of footage to your super secret NVR. Stay in control of your footage, not us.

NVR ONVIF Support Icon

ONVIF Compatibility

Wirelessly record footage from the camera to a local harddrive that is seperate to the camera. You’re in control of your footage.

Wireless or Hardwired

Connect the camera using either WIFI or Ethernet for maximum reliability.

Motion detection icon

Motion Detection Zones

Set a defined area for when motion moves in that area, you get an alert. Minimise false motion detection alarms.

1080P HD Video Quality

A reliable clear 1080P video stream available when you need it most

Outdoor pool backyard

NVR Compatibility

Record 1080P footage to your local SD card and ONVIF computable NVR, simultaneously.

Motion Detection Zones

Set a custom area for motion detection. When motion is detected inside that zone you will get an push message, when motion is detected outside that zone, you will not be notified.