Low Voltage
Smart Switch

Automatic Gates, Garage Doors, Alarms & More

A product with many uses, that can control many different devices with a large power range and exceptional automation capabilities.

Low voltage smart switch with Interactive Home App UI
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Dry Contact Output

Relay Toggle
Low Voltage Power Icon

Low Voltage

9-27V AC/DC
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Local Connection

is Supported
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Use Cases
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Voice Assistantas

Third Party Control

Complete Connected Home*

Works With Hey Google, Google assistantWorks With Amazon Alexa

Multiple uses for one small product

Using a wide power range of 9-27V AC/DC, you are able to provide remote operations and smart home automation functionality to Security Systems, Watering systems, Door strikes, Gates and garage doors over Wi-Fi

Home front yard
Low Voltage Power Icon

Wide Power range

Powered between 9-27 Volts AC/DC allowing multiple powering options during setup.

Multi Use Product Icon

Multiple product uses

Having a dry contact output, you are able to control many different products. E.G. Garage doors, Automatic Gates, Watering systems, Alarm systems and more

Dry Contact Relay Icon

Dry Contact Output

Using a dry contact relay output, there is no voltage power out, providing it to be a save option for many. This contact works on multiple device’s input’s to trigger.

Multiple Product Uses

Garage doors, Automatic gates, Watering systems, Alarm systems and more. This product is versatile in a way that you can use the power of the same device you want to operate, to power the SS001 so it is a complete system.

Low Voltage Smart Switch multiple use ideas

Local Connection Support

If you ever lose Internet access in your home, you will still be able to connect and control your devices locally using our Interactive Home App.

Low Voltage smart Switch Local Control

Locally Stored Schedules

When you set-up a schedule for your smart switch, the schedule will be saved into the device’s memory allowing the switch to turn on/off without the need for  a continuous server connection. Meaning you can lose internet and still have your devices run through their set schedules.

Low voltage smart switch local schedule

Product Specifications

All specifications for our Smart Switch

Smart Switch

Power Input

AC/DC 9-27V


Dry contact
FormC 2A 30V AC/DC

Indoor or Outdoor?

Indoor Use Only.


Large low power band, Dry contact output, Voice control

Status Lights

2x LED’s (blue and red)


802.11 b/g/n,
2.4GHz Wi-Fi only

Operating Temperature

10ňö to 50ňö degrees Celsius, <90% Humidity





Smart Switch

45g: 97mm x 40mm x 25mm


3 Years Warranty