Smart Plug

+ Energy Monitoring

With a small form factor, our smart plug can fit side by side other plugs in the same double power point.
All while still providing an exceptional product with leading smart home features.

smart plug with energy monitoring with interactive home app UI
energy monitoring icon

energy Monitoring

Track Consumption
Plug-in powe

AU 240V

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Local Connection

is Supported
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Voice Assistantas

Third Party Control

Complete Connected Home*

Works With Hey Google, Google assistantWorks With Amazon Alexa

A key ingredient to a connected smart home

Convert any 240V plug into a smart WIFI connected plug with energy consumption tracking

Smart plug bedroom side table
Google assistant, Amazon Alexa voice assistant icon

Voice Assistant Support

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri integration allows for seamless voice control from any smart speaker and smart phone.

energy monitoring icon

Daily Power Consumption

Keep those power bills low by understanding what is using the most energy.

Two-way talk icon

Fits in a double powerpoint

Our design allows for free use of the neighbouring plug. other devices in a double power point or power board can plug-in without issue’s

Smart Energy Monitoring

Having the ability to monitor your devices energy consumption allows you to save on your electricity bills.

smart plug energy monitoring graph

Local Connection Support

If you ever lose Internet access in your home, you will still be able to connect and control your devices locally using our Interactive Home App.

smart plug with energy monitoring local control

Locally Stored Schedules

When you set-up a schedule for your smart plug, the schedule will be saved into the device’s memory allowing the switch to turn on/off without the need for  a continuous server connection. Meaning you can lose internet and still have your devices run through their set schedules.

Smart plug with energy monitoring local schedule